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CD Pins with Opals Embossing Powders
By Zeborah Loray

Materials needed:
  • We strongly recommend using safety glasses when making CD pins.
  • CDís, recycled or new
  • We do not recommend rewritable CDís as the silvery finish tends to come off.
  • Heat Tool - We recommend the exceptionally quiet Heat It heat tool available on our website.
  • Large scissors reserved for crafting
  • Opals and Opalettes Embossing Powders - Available on our website
  • Non-stick craft sheet - available on our website
  • Heat resistant work surface
  • Glossy Accents - available on our website
  • An After Midnight rubber stamp
  • Self adhesive pin backs - available on our website
  • Embellishments such as Bedazzles, prestrung beads, feathers - available on our website

Step 1

Be sure to use safety glasses. In a well ventilated area, heat the CDís using a heat gun. When warm- cut to desired shapes and sizes.

Heating the CD makes it easy to cut, but use caution as the pieces are sharp.

Alternative method: Linda Hanson found that you can heat the CDís in a toaster oven that has been dedicated to crafts. Heat the entire CD at 110 degrees until the CD is very warm to the touch. Using an oven mitt to hold the CD, cut out pieces you want.

Step 2

Apply Versamark ink to the Cd pieces. Layer on Opals EPs in your choice of colors. Keep adding colors until you like what you see.

Step 3

Ink stamp with Versa Mark pad- smoosh into hot Opal Embossing powders. Allow to cool.

Step 4

Attach pin back- available from this website.

You can also use Glossy Accents to attach any embellishments such as beads, feathers, fibers, or our prestrung beads on the ribbons.

Couldn't be easier!

Glassact! & Orna-Metals GalleryBotanicals Misc.EgyptianAsianSpecial Occasions

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