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How to Make CD Pins
By Susan Smith
Materials needed:
  • We strongly recommend using safety glasses when making CD pins.
  • CDís, recycled or new
  • We do not recommend rewritable CDís as the silvery finish tends to come off.
  • Heat Tool - We recommend the exceptionally quiet Heat It heat tool available on our website.
  • Large scissors reserved for crafting
  • Clear OPALS embossing enamels (Franklin) - Available on our website
  • Ranger's Melting Pot - available on our website
  • Suze Weinbergís "To Dye For" dyes or dye ink reinkers
  • Tweezers for dipping the cd into the embossing enamels
  • A Kool Toolz Spatula - available on our website
  • Non-stick craft sheet - available on our website
  • Heat resistant working surface or hot pads
  • Glossy Accents - available on our website
  • scissors
  • double sided tape
  • An After Midnight rubber stamp of your choice that has been photocopied onto clear acetate (the kind used for overhead projectors)
  • (Stamping directly onto acetate may be done if using permanent ink)
  • Self adhesive pin backs - available on our website
  • Embellishments such as prestrung beads, feathers, etc. - available on our website

Step 1

Be sure to use safety glasses. In a well ventilated area, heat the CDís using a heat gun. Heat slowly and close to the CD, heating a small portion at a time. Hold onto the opposite side of the CD, and you should not have to wear oven mitts. Heat the portion, but do not heat it so that it is too hot to touch. When the portion you wish to cut has been adequately heated, cut the piece off with a scissors.

Heating the CD makes it easy to cut, but use caution as the pieces are sharp. If you do not heat adequately, the CD will crack, but do not worry. Heat that portion and cut it off and discard it. Continue heating portions of the CD and cutting it into pleasing shapes.

Alternative method: Linda Hanson found that you can heat the CDís in a toaster oven that has been dedicated to crafts. Heat the entire CD at 110 degrees until the CD is very warm to the touch. Using an oven mitt to hold the CD, cut out pieces you want.

Step 2

Cut out the After Midnight rubber stamp image that has been stamped or photocopied onto clear acetate. Cut close to the outside lines of the image, but donít worry too much about inside lines. Adhere the image to a CD piece using a tiny bit of Glossy Accents.

Step 3

Heat clear Opals in the Melting Pot until melted. Add a few drops of reinker and stir until well blended. Dip the CD, picture side down, into melted OPALS. Be sure that a small amount is on the back of the CD as well so that the cooled OPALS sticks well to the CD. Pull out from the pot and place right side up on a non-stick craft sheet that is on a heat resistant surface.

Step 4

Place CDís on a non stick craft sheet that is on a heat resistant surface. Using a heat gun, carefully heat over any bumps or places that need to be smoothed over. While still warm, a scissors may be used to cut off excess OPALS. Allow to cool, and add embellishments of your choice.

Some pointers from Linda

I am definitely tweezer challenged. So, I attach the pin back before I dip the CD into the melting pot. Gives me a handle to use and you don't get any marks from the tweezers that you have to reheat and correct. Our pin backs already have the adhesive on them, so it makes it a quick and easy process.

IYou can use any dye ink reinker (but don't try to use pigment ink reinkers).

To attach the transparency image to the CD, try using a very tiny dab (and I do mean a very tiny dab - I just barely touch the CD with it) of Glossy Accents. It's very quick, easy, and dries clear. You don't have to wait for it to dry before you dip the image.

I also use the Glossy Accents to attach any embellishments such as beads, feathers, fibers, or our prestrung beads on the ribbons. But, you can also use glitter glue to embed your embellishments. Gives a totally different look. I generally use both on the pins.

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