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Instructions for Midnight Art Glass
By Linda Hanson

Before you get started, here is a list of items you will need in addition to the Midnight Art Glass.
  • Heat gun (I like the little white Heat-It because it doesnít blow the powders around as much - but others do work)

  • OPALS embossing enamels work beautifully for this
  • Metallic pigment ink

  • A smooth floor or wall tile (If you are doing several pieces, the tile will retain the heat and start heating the piece from the bottom as you are heating from the top.)

  • Teflon Craft sheet to put on top of the tile.

  • Scoops for embossing enamels

  • After Midnight Art Rubber Stamps
  • 1. Ink stamp with metallic pigment ink.

  • 2. Heat Midnight Art glass

  • 3. Put on thin layers of OPALS embossing enamels (apply in rows).

  • Do not cover the entire piece - leave some of the glass showing on the edges. Heat with heat gun. If you have heated your piece sufficiently, the powder should not blow away. If it does, the piece was not heated enough. Experiment a little.
  • 6. Drop your stamp into the melted embossing powders.

  • 7. Now move it off the tile, it will cool quicker. Let sit a few seconds and then tap the stamp very lightly with your fingertips. Gently push the Midngiht Art Glass off the craft sheet. Let sit 1 to 1-1/2 minutes. Stamp will now release easily.

If for some reason you donít like the finished piece, reheat, add different colors of embossing enamels if desired, and stamp again.


Call or email if you have any questions.

Linda Hanson
After Midnight Art Rubber Stamps

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